The reinforcement areas are calculated automatically from the STRAP finite element analysis results.


Prefabricated mesh dimensions may be defined and the program then selects the most suitable mesh at every location:

  • The user can specify fixed reinforcement and the program then adds additional reinforcement where needed
  • Reduced moments may be used at column locations
  • Cover, min/max diameter, optimum spacing, max, bar length, etc. may be specified by the user
  • Minimum reinforcement area, lap length, etc. are calculated according to the Code

The stab may be divided into subspaces:

  • reinforcement is terminated at subspace boundaries and each subspace can be assigned with different detail parameters
  • subspaces may be created along element boundaries, at beam locations and at changes of slab thickness

  • separate drawings may be created for top and bottome reinforcement
  • bar schedules and mesh schedules are created automatically by the program and may be added to the drawings
  • the program calculates the total reinforcement weight for each story and the total for all slabs in the model

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