The program designs light gauge (cold-formed) sections according to the following Codes:

  • AISI - ASD and LRFD
  • BS 5950 - Part 5
  • CSA S136
  • Eurocode 3 - Part 1.3.

Models may contain both light gauge and hot rolled sections.

STRAP contains a library of standard shapes:

Additonal user-defined shapes may be added to the library using the STRAP CROSEC utility program. For Example:

  • Segements may be defined in any direction (including diagonal)
  • "Sbusections" may be joined to form a section.

Properties calculated:

  • shear center
  • warping constant
  • torsional moment-of-intertia
  • torsional-flexural buckling constant

The program can either check a specified section or search for the lightest section that complies with the
Code requirements for all load combinations, subject to user define constraints.

The program checks the following:

  • Shear
  • Bending - without lateral-torsional buckling
  • Axial tenison/comperssion
  • Combined axial force & bending
  • Deflections
  • Torsion

Outpur includes a detailed calculation sheet with references to the relevant Code equations.

Some features of the calculation are:

Effective Section Properties

The program calculates the effective section properties based on the method outlined in the Code, taking into account the stress distribution as well of the location of lips and intermediate stiffeners.

Holes in Web

The diameter of the web holes may be specified; the program will calculate the reduced section properties.

Strength Increase

The program calculates the strength increase due to could forming according to the Code and uses the increased strength when calculating axial capacity, flexural capacity and combined stresses.

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