The footings post processor designs reinforced concrete spread footings:

  • design for axial force and biaxial moments (in same load case)
  • eccentric column allowed in both directions
  • quick design of multiple footings
  • multiple load cases (up to 25)
  • automatic design of base dimensions and reinforcement according to Code requirements
  • automatic design of height for punching and shear, including sloped upper surface
  • automatic design and detailing of reinforcement
  • user defined dimensions may be checked
  • design units may be specified by the user
  • graphic output of footing - plan and section - to scale and in colour
  • DXF file of graphic output may be created

The program designs rectangular spread footings at all nodes assigned with restraints and springs.

The program automatically retrieves form STRAP:

  • the reactions for al STRAP load combinations at these nodes (force and moments)
  • the column dimensions (if possible) form the section of the member attached to the node

Also available as a stand-alone program - FOUND

The user can choose to design:

All/ Several Footings

The program automatically designs the footings for the group of supports selected.
Design parameters may be defined for the entire model.

Single Footing

The program automatically deisgns the footing for the support selected.

  • revise parameters for the individual footing.
  • add, revise or delete load cases
  • check any dimensions

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