The program can calculate all properties that are required for the design of cold-formed (light gauge) sections. All line sections (with any arbitrary shape) defined in this program may be transferred to the STRAP steel postprocessor and can be designed as cold-formed sections.

Also available as a stand-alone program - CROSEC

Two general types of sections may be defined:

Line Sections

Sections composed of a series of connected lines, each with a specified thickness.

  • Segments may be defined in any direction (including diagonal).
  • Several 'subsections' may be defined and joined to form section.
  • Properties calculated include:
    Shear center, warping constant
    Torsional moment-of-interia
    Torsional-flexual buckling constant
  • The properties may be copied to STRAP geometry
  • Tables of cold-formed sections may be added to the STRAP property tables by first defining a general dimensionless shape.

Solid Sections

Sections formed by a closed contour.

  • Several separate contours may be defined to form a section; additonal contours may be specified as "holes".
  • Properties calculated include: Torsional momen-of-interia (exact).

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