The following design codes may be specified:

  • ACI 318 - 98
  • CSA A23.3 - 94
  • British Standard BS 8110
  • Eurocode @ (EC2)
  • IS:456

All continuous beams and columns may be created automatically by the program or manually by the user; the program uses the information from STRAP geometry for determining support locations and widths and section dimensions, if possible.

The program then designs the beams and columns according to user specified parameters.

The program carries out the following calculations:


  • Calculation of moment and shear envelopes from all load combinations.
  • Automatic moment redistribution (optional)
  • Shear reduction at span supports (optional)
  • Calculation of reinforcement at supports/spans.
  • Automatic stirrup detailing with variable spacing.
  • Deflection check (BS8110 and EC2 only)


  • Calculation of magnified moments for slender columns.
  • Selection of reinforcement arrangement that is able to withstand applied bending moments and axial force for all load combinations.


  • The column capacity calculation is exact, even for biaxial bending
  • Reinforcement may be placed on all faces
  • The program can check user specified reinforcement.

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