How to use this program:

The steel connection module is part of the STRAP package and cannot run as a stand-alone program.

Prior to designing the connections:

  • define the model geomety and loads in STRAP; solve the model
  • complete the design of the structural steel beams and columns in the STRAP Steel design module; a connection cannot be designed if the connected memebers have not been "Computed".

To start the connection design module:

  • Steel design module: select File and Design connections.
  • STRAP main menu: Utilities and Connection design.

Define general parameters:

Define the height axis and the axis of the main beams (girders). This is required by the program to identify the "supporting" member and the "supported" member at each connection:

Select Options and Directions to select the default axes for the model; to define the "supporting and supported members"

for individual connections select  in the side menu.

Define the connnection default parameters:

click  to define default parameters for all connections in the model

  • in the  tab, specify the default connection type for the three connnections configurations

  • in the  tab, specify the design code and steel, bolt and weld types.

click  to define different parameters for specific connections in the model.

Design the connections and display the results:

  • click  in the side memu
  • select the two connected members
  • the program displays the connection and the design calculations

  • click  to display a rendered view of the connection.

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