The program designs reinforced concrete columns according to any one of the following design codes:

  • British Standard BS8110
  • Eurocode 2
  • ACI 318
  • CSA A23.3-94
  • IS:456-2000 (India)
  • NBr 6118-2001 (Brazil)

The program automatically selects an optimum reinforcement pattern with a capacity that exceeds the external loads.

The reinforcement is arranged along the entire section perimeter as individual bars in "groups". These groups are arranged symmetrically in the section in order to ensure a practical bar arrangement.


The program places the reinforcement in the groups where the contribution to the capacity is greatest.

Links (stirrups) are also detailed according to the code requirements.


  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Tee
  • L
  • U
  • Tube


  • 99 load cases
  • 99 load case combinations
  • Load cases may be defined as Dead, Live, etc.


  • Automatic calculation of column slenderness
  • Calculation of additional (magnified) moments for slender columns
  • Minimum moments
  • Calculation of design moments for braced or unbraced columns.


The program selects the optimum reinforcement pattern for all load combinations and checks for minimum percentage.
The user may specifically any other reinforcement pattern and the program checks its capacity.


All columns may be saved and redesigned at a later stage

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