The sway option can automatically revise the section properties of beams and columns to reduce the sway at selected nodes and/or the drift between two selected nodes to user defined limits. Sway can be the controlling factor even in buildings of a moderate height (as little as 6-8 floors). To have the ability to optimize your structure for sway and drift automatically using the least weight of steel or volume of concrete can produce substanial savings even on a medium size project.

The sway option can also used to reduce the deflection at any node to a specified value.

For example, all stresses in a truss are found to be within the Code requirements. However the deflection of the truss needs to be reduced. The Sway module will provide information as to which members can be enlarged most economically.

For a steel truss(light gauge, rolled sections or both), the Sway module will optimize all sections automatically, if requested by the engineer. The program searches for the member that most significantly contributes to the sway/drift or deflection, enlarges its section and recalculates the sway/drift/deflection. The calculation is repeated until the sway/drift/deflection is reduced to the limiting value.

The Sway option is part of the Steel postprocessor:

  • The user can immediately check the effect of section selection on sway/drift values
  • Sections selected by the sway option can be immediately checked by the Steel postprocessor
  • The dimensions of concrete sections may be enlarged by the sway options, i.e. this module may be used to limit the sway in concrete models or mixed steel/concrete models

Note that a cost factor may be defined for each property group.

If cost factors are defined, the solution represents the minimum (cost factor* volume increase) for the model. Therefore members in property groups with a low factor will have priority in the calculation and will more likely be enlarged.

Conversely, members with a very large factor will not be enlarged under any circumstances.

The program displays a list of the enlarged sections:

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