STRAP, one of the most versatile and comprehensive structural analysis systems on the market today, was first launched in 1984. STRAP uses graphical user interface (GUI) and an advanced context-sensitive help system creating an easy-to-use environment for the structural professional to work in.

STRAP is extensively used by large, medium and small size construction companies and engineering firms worldwide. Its appeal lies in the systems ability to handle from the smallest to the largest design with easy functionality and state-of-the-art solutions. STRAP has under its belt prestigious projects such as Queen Elisabeth II bridge (UK); 2nd Tagus crossing (Portugal); Central Artery (Boston); Lantau crossing (Hong Kong).

STRAP is not only an analysis program. It has been developed to meet the diverse demands of the Civil and Structural Engineer and offers a variety of options to speed up and simplify both the data input as well as the interpretation of results.
A STRAP user can retrieve a model from a library of typical structures define new parameters and create a complete new design to his/her specifications. STRAP has a powerful submodeling feature that enables the user to assemble a complex model from basic submodels. The mesh generator gives the user the tool to divide the surface of any contour into finite elements using one simple step. The list continues. See Modules for more information on the individual abilities of the array of different modules offered by STRAP.   Click here to view Modules

Sophisticated up to date algorithms ensure an extremely fast solution utilising minimum disk space. STRAP presents a wide variety of options for sorting, selecting and displaying of results, either graphically or in tabular form.

Design post processors are available for :

Rolled and light gauge steel reinforced concrete composite design compliant to the latest American, Canadian, British and European codes. STRAP also includes modules for modal analysis, seismic response spectra calculations to the UBC and EC8 codes and time history response calculations.

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